Comprehensive Coaching Process

I have a unique coaching process geared at enhancing learning. I am a certified and internationally recognized coach, and I utilize my 10+ years of corporate experience to support your organizational goals.

The Process

Monique Betty

What I Offer

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Dedicated to helping high-potential individuals and teams on their path toward success, I provide a customized coaching plan designed to enable peak performance by tapping into the strengths of the team, positive change, and effective leadership. I enable enhanced learning and holistic growth through my coaching services.

My Coaching Process

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My coaching process involves a combination of workshops, retreats, and more. These have a purpose-driven approach to facilitate the alignment of goals, sustainability, accountability, and many more.

Use Of Technology

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Technology is an important aspect of how I engage with individuals and groups. Virtual coaching (video platform or phone) allows us to be efficient with our session time and possibly collaborate during sessions. Cloud-based platforms provide us with efficient means of communicating before and after scheduled meeting times.